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Zizi Stardust – 3L Keg

3L Keg

A Braggot is a traditional beer-mead hybrid that’s been enjoyed since the 12th century, and we wanted to share this stellar union. A marriage of honey and malt that is delicately flavoured with light malts, its sweetness counterbalanced by pine and grapefruit bitterness from Cascade hops. Infused with two strains of honey: Longan flower, and the spectacular wild Ziziphus Blossom honey – supplied by our local partners Bee Amazed. Nectar of the Gods.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 25
Style: Braggot Ale
Malt: Pils & Munich
Featured Ingredients: Longan Flower Honey; Ziziphus Blossom Honey

Dimensions of the 3L Keg:
Diameter 14.3cm
Height 28cm

Please keep chilled at all times.

Please note you will require a 3L keg top dispenser to be able to tap this keg. 


This product can be delivered from October 25, 2021

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