Volksfest Vintage – 3L Keg

Happy Oktoberfest, meine Freunde! This malt-forward brew draws on the long and glorious history of this special carnival of beer. Our Festbier features Vienna and Munich malts, which impart nutty, toasty and bready notes into the rounded body. With just a touch of German hops, the beer is low in bitterness and hop aroma but extremely high in drinkability. Get all the volks together, and let’s Prost to this wonderful cultural tradition.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 20
Style: Festbier

Dimensions of the 3L Keg:
Diameter 14.3cm
Height 28cm

Please keep chilled at all times.

Please note you will require a 3L keg top dispenser to be able to tap this keg. 


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3L Keg Top Dispenser

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This product can be delivered from December 9, 2022

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