National Day! Patriot Pack

Happy National Day Singapore!

For the Patriots committed to watching the Parade in large groups/multiple times, we’ve got you!

Enjoy 20 litres of our best Beers on Draft with family & friends hassle free as we will loan you  the necessary dispnensing equipment for at no additional costs!


Straits Pale Ale - 20L Keg

20L keg of fresh Straits Pale Ale. Perfect for a party or get-together!

Delivered chilled.


  • Free loan of keg coupler & party handpump provided with purchase of any 20L keg!
  • Lost Kegs will be charged at $180 per keg.

Keg Handpump

Free loan when you order any 20L kegs from our website

An easy-to-use, portable handpump that is perfect for parties, events and gatherings. No need for any extra equipment like CO2 dispensers - just plug and pour fresh beer!

How to use:
1. View the second image above for more details.
2. Screw the handpump into the top groove of the beer coupler (1x coupler provided with every purchase/loan).
3. Connect the coupler onto the keg by removing the seal, plugging it in so it fits snugly, and turning 90º clockwise.
4. Push the coupler down to break the seal of the keg until you hear a click. 5. Pump the handle slowly (1-3 pumps per pint) and starting pour out fresh beer!

In stock

Glassware × 4

Because it tastes better out of a glass.
The 400ml glass fits exactly one crisp, sessionable Lion bottled beer inside.

Pint Glass

Additional information


Glass size

Pint Glass



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