Lincoln’s Brew – 3L Keg

Released just in time for 4th of July this year, Lincoln’s Brew is a Grapefruit XPA named to honour one of the greatest American Presidents. Bright aromas characterise this uber-sessionable beer, with natural grapefruit tones and a clean, dry finish. Abe was said to have been an apples man, finding the newly discovered grapefruits of the US a bit bitter for his tastes—but we are sure this brew would have changed his mind. After all, we’ve named the damn beer after him.

ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 35
Style: Grapefruit XPA

Dimensions of the 3L Keg:
Diameter 14.3cm
Height 28cm

Please keep chilled at all times.

Please note you will require a 3L keg top dispenser to be able to tap this keg. 


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3L Keg Top Dispenser

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This product can be delivered from December 6, 2022

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