Singapore’s new, iconic Lion


Singapore’s new, iconic Lion
Launched in Singapore in December 2018, Lion Brewery Co is quickly becoming a local favourite. 

When seeking a quality craft beer, Singapore might not be an obvious destination. And on the surface, this makes sense. Singapore’s beer scene might seem to be a commercial brewery haven, with mainstream lagers dominating almost every restaurant, kopitiam and hawker centre. But dig slightly deeper within the Lion City’s abundance of incredible hidden gems, and you’ll discover an exponentially growing craft beer scene.

One craft brewery bridging the gap between the bland commercial blend and the often excessively hoppy, more alcoholic craft alternative is Lion Brewery Co.

Its story begins with three pals, a kitchen and a shared vision to create a highly drinkable brew for Singapore’s equatorial climate. The result? Two signature tipples, Straits Pale Ale and Island Lager, that are easy-to-drink, full of flavour and notably sessionable.

Searching for a cooling beverage after long hours in Singapore’s sweltering sunshine? Go for Straits Pale Ale, which uses a tropical, aromatic hop profile and tailored blend of malted barley to deliver a light fruity beverage, with dry golden tones and a moderate alcohol content.

But looking for a tipple that pairs faultlessly against all food pairings? Try the premium Island Lager—created using Hallertau Blanc and Simcoe hops for a light cassis and pine aroma— which, with its unique flavour profile, is remarkably versatile and crisp.

Lion Brewery Co’s brews are not only better in taste, they’re also better for the environment as  sustainability is at the forefront of the production process. So when sipping your next brew, expect not only the very finest ingredients—that are all-natural with absolutely no additives— but eco-conscious brewing methods too. Cheers to that.

Lion Brewery Co’s brews can be found in over 100 venues across Singapore. Look out for the newest release, Singapore Nutmeg Stout, which is available this month. 




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