Singapore’s local beer companies #SGCraftTogether

#SGCraftTogether – Singapore’s local beer companies come together to offer a mixed case of all the best local craft beers

We believe it’s more important than ever for local businesses to work together and support one another through these tough times. That’s why, today, eleven local craft breweries and beer companies in Singapore have released a #SGCraftTogether mixed case featuring a diverse range of quality local brews. The project was born out of a shared desire to offer something unique and exciting to consumers, in one of the most ambitious initiatives in the history of Singapore’s craft beer scene. 

Inspired by the unity shown across the world during this difficult period, this collective of breweries, known as #SGCraftTogether, are working together in true solidarity for the first time. They’ve put together assorted packs of their best selling brews to help beer-lovers get through these last few weeks of the Circuit- Breaker.  As a group, they believe “there is strength in diversity, and sharing beers among each other’s breweries gives the public the opportunity to try different locals beers, produced with passion and care, all in one place. This will also help drive awareness and improve the accessibility of local craft beer for consumers.” You are able to buy this mixed case of 12 high-quality craft beers from all of the participating breweries websites, including ours. “We wanted to offer people a chance to taste what the Singapore craft beer community has to offer,” said Lion Brewery Co-Founder Will Julius.  “We are thrilled to be working together with our peers on this project. We all have one thing in common – a desire to brew and share excellent beer with the wider public – so we are really excited to be able to do this collectively.” 

“We hope that this will bring some excitement and fun into the next few weeks for beer-drinkers island-wide, and that it also serves as a launching pad for more partnerships amongst local beer companies here in Singapore, because unity is a big part of what the craft beer industry is all about.” 

10% of the proceeds from sales of the #SGCraftTogether mix cases from Lion Brewery Co’s website will go to TWC2SG ( – a non-profit organisation that supports foreign and transient workers in Singapore. 




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