Life After Covid: 5 Reasons Craft Beer Can Help the Recovery

How small, independent beer brands will help the F&B industry get back on its feet

Planning for a post-Circuit-breaker future isn’t easy. Four more weeks of restrictions have just been announced, and even when this is over, thing’s won’t suddenly return to normal overnight.

But what we do know is that craft beer companies can play a key role in helping their fellow local F&B businesses recover.

The beauty of small, independent beer brands is that they are able to drive a unique and loyal following, for a variety of reasons. According to research conducted by both Nielsen’s and C&R Research, craft beer fans and consumers are:

1. More loyal to venues than mass-produced beer drinkers, due to the quality of beer offerings these venues provide.

2. More discerning when it comes to the taste and quality of the beer they drink. According to Nielsen’s ‘Craft Beer Insights’, beer selection plays a major role in determining which venue a customer decides to frequent. In a post-circuit-breaker Singapore, we’re willing to bet that once it is safe and permitted, these craft beer drinkers will go straight out to support their favourite spots around town.

3. Leading on from that, they also tend to influence their social groups in terms of venue choice. They will take the time to venture to bars that serve interesting beers. By contrast, commercial beer drinkers tend to be happy going anywhere, as they are less driven by brand loyalty and will be almost always able to find something that suits their palate.

4. They are generally highly engaged and supportive of local businesses, placing a lot of value on the provenance of ingredients– by virtue of the very fact that they prefer drinking quality local craft beer as opposed to mass-imported alternatives!

5. Finally, they not only spend more money per head, but are also less price sensitive than commercial beer drinkers, because they see the value in better-tasting beer. For venues, that means a higher average bill spend per customer and the ability to command better profit margins.

In short, they are exactly the kind of customers local F&B businesses need, especially in times such as these.

Across the globe, we have seen a huge rise in the support of local brands since the spread of Covid-19. People are more prudent with their purchasing decisions and are looking for good, honest brands that they know have made quality products with care and pride.

By offering craft beer, you are already more likely to get people actively supporting your venue in its recovery, and we want you to know you’ll have the support of the entire Lion Brewery Co team too.

Let us know what we can do for you, and let’s get through this together.





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