Happy Hour: Cheers to drinking for a cause

By June Lee

Support local breweries and bars by drinking up in the comforts of home.

Level33 is the latest outfit to initiate collaborations aimed at helping industry friends in the same boat. In this case, you’ll be able to sample some of the best locally brewed crafts beers in the niftily curated Six-Pack Collaboration. There are currently four packages priced at $39 each, comprising a combination of beer styles from Level 33, Paulaner Brahaus, Rye & Pint, Lion Brewery Co and Binjai Brew. All five brewers are found in the Lager and Ale packs, for those who enjoy variety in their diet, while the O.G. and “B” packs cover a range of familiar favourites, such as the Binjai Brew Sol Mate, a French Saison beer, and Rye & Pint’s Punchin’ Rye bringing passionfruit to the moderately hoppy pale ale. Prices are lower than if you shopped each of the labels separately, and everyone enjoys discovering a new sip. Purchase from Level33 or order via Whatsapp at 8511 4613.

Brass Lion was the first to step up to the plate to help others. As a licenced manufacturing and bottling facility, they were able to quickly offer small local bars like Smoke & Mirrors, IB HQ and Bee’s Island Drinkery a way to bottle their cocktails, with 100% of the profits going to the participating bars. Try the Merlion Spritz ($38, 2 serves) by IB HQ, a Negroni-like stiff drink on its own or to top with Prosecco. Psst: did you know, they have a limited run of Roaring Clean Sanitiser ($16, 250ml) made using the by-product of gin distillation? This means your hand sanitiser has a whiff of gin notes while still adhering to World Health Organisation specifications at 80% alcohol. Purchase from Brass Lion.




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