11 local breweries are partnering to make possible this amazing craft beer collab

By Dannon Har

It’s only during tough times like this that we see collabs never thought of before. And it’s nice to know that it’s the burgeoning Singapore craft beer industry that’s the one paving the way for a first of its kind, much-welcomed multi-brand partnership.

Despite the pandemic landscape, in a show of solidarity and support for one another, eleven Singapore breweries—including the likes of Brewlander, Off Day Beer Company and Reddot Brewhouse—have banded together under the #SGCraftTogether umbrella to help sort out your drinking needs.

For the first time in Singapore beer history, you’ll get to order directly from the breweries and get a mixed case of not just the house brand but also an assortment of other local beer labels. This means getting the luxury of variety without having to purchase through a retailer.

The cases are pre-packaged and available either as a six-pack ($39 nett) or 12-pack ($78 nett). So while you can’t mix ‘n’ match at whim, you do get an irresistible price point lower than most retail outlets and the knowledge that you’re truly supporting local breweries with your spending.


Alive Brewing
Archipelago Brewery
Lion Brewery Co.
Off Day Beer Company
Paulaner Brauhaus
Reddot Brewhouse
Sunbird Brewing Company
Wild Brew




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