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$ 124
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4x 3L Keg per month
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From: S$45.00 / month

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World Class (3 Kegs/month) - 8% off
Legendary (4 Kegs/month) - 12% off

This product can be delivered from February 3, 2023

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Amateur (1 Keg/month), Professional (2 Kegs/month) – 5% off, World Class (3 Kegs/month) – 8% off, Legendary (4 Kegs/month) – 12% off

How does it work?

We have launched Lion Brewery Co’s Craft on Draft Subscription as part of our Brewer’s Series. Here’s how it works if you subscribe now:

Unique beers delivered to your door every month

Unique beers will be delivered to your door once a month in 3L kegs. You can choose the number of 3L kegs you want in your package.

Straight out of the fermenter into your 3L Keg

After we brew each month, we will take the beer straight out of the fermenter and into your 3L kegs, then deliver your beer to you THE NEXT DAY with minimum fuss. That means you won't ever have a fresher pint than this.

Keg Top Dispenser

With your subscription, you also get a free Keg Top Dispenser (RRP $45), so long as you subscribe for a minimum of 6 months.

Beers up next in your Craft on Draft subscription

Introducing the Brewer’s Series, a range of specialty beers brewed fresh right here in Singapore and rotated on a monthly basis to keep things exciting.

Bramling Cross IPA

September brew

A single-hopped IPA infused with a rather rare breed of British hop. Bramling Cross was first harvested in 1927, and exhibits signature notes of blackberry and gooseberry, with a hint of vanilla spice. Well-attenuated, with a dry malty finish and a hoppy aroma and flavour. Thank the heavens for this classic English IPA!

ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 45
Style: English IPA

Volksfest Vintage

October brew

Happy Oktoberfest, meine Freunde! This malt-forward brew draws on the long and glorious history of this special carnival of beer. Our Festbier features Vienna and Munich malts, which impart nutty, toasty and bready notes into the rounded body. With just a touch of German hops, the beer is low in bitterness and hop aroma but extremely high in drinkability. Get all the volks together, and let’s Prost to this wonderful cultural tradition.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 20
Style: Festbier

Leaving on a jet place

November brew

This blood orange beauty is named in honour of our Jet, and mirrors some of their best traits – vibrant, full of zest and fabulous. Leaving On A Jet Plane is an intense sight to behold, but looks can be deceiving – what we’ve got here is a very clean beer base, paired with blood orange and a shot of beetroot for a slightly sweet-sour aftertaste. Trust us – you’ll absolutely fly through it.

ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 25
Style: Fruit Beer

Frosty Mornings

December brew

This Cold-IPA will breathe new life into your love of beer, thanks to the magnificent Cryo Pop hops, which delivers supercharged tropical and stone fruit flavours. As fresh and exhilarating as a frosty morning, and the perfect counterweight to Singapore Christmas weather. We’re warning you: once you pop this beer, you’ll find it very hard to put down.

ABV: 6%
IBU: 50
Style: Cold IPA

Ong Lai

January brew

Brewed to celebrate the good fortune of Chinese New Year and Australia Day being so close together this year! Using Australian malt infused with 40kg of juicy pineapple, this playful take on the tasty and ever-popular CNY treat is bursting with pineapple tart sweetness layered on a soft biscuit-malt body, leading to a sharp, slightly dry finish.

Soft golden yellow in colour, with a slight tinge of juicy haze, tropic like it’s hot this Chinese New Year and Australia Day with a pint or two of refreshing goodness.

ABV: 3.6%
IBU: 3
Style: Berliner Weisse Sour


You can always top up kegs through our shop page here, as long as we haven’t run out of them yet! If you want to be safe, we’d suggest upgrading your tier to make sure you have some extra, in case you’re feeling particularly thirsty that month…

Absolutely – you can change the number of kegs you’re subscribed for and upgrade/downgrade from your account page here, and can do so at any time month to month, up to 5 days before the next brew is scheduled to be delivered. That means you’ll have some time to make adjustments if necessary when we send you the monthly reminder email of its arrival date, which will go out to you 7 days prior to your delivery.

That’s also fine by us, and you can buy the kegs from here on our shop page as and when they are released. You can also purchase the Keg Top Dispenser, which you’ll need to pour out the beer, on our shop too.

Beers are a bit like babies – when they’re ready, they’re ready. Some beers will take slightly shorter/longer to ferment, so while it will be approximately once a month that you’ll receive your delicious #craftondraft, it won’t always be exactly the same day and date each month. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to give you a heads up 7 days before it’s scheduled to be delivered.

Yes, you can – there is no cancellation fee. You can also sign up any time.
However, unless you do a minimum of six months, you will be charged for the Keg Top Dispenser (full price = $45).

We may end up keeping the Single Batch Series going – in which case, after six months, we will send you an email where you can opt-in to continue! If the series is stopped or paused, however, or if you do nothing or choose not to opt-in for any reason (though we can’t imagine why!), then your subscription will stop automatically and you won’t be charged anything more.

Yes! The keg has an autoseal, so you are able to untap the keg and store it in the fridge for your future drinking pleasure. Just be careful when removing it, and make sure you wipe down and sanitize both the keg connection head and the dispenser prior to reusing it again.

Unopened and kept chilled in the fridge, the kegs will last up to six months. Once they’ve been tapped and opened, they will last up to a week in the fridge. For best results, drink the keg within 3-4 days, otherwise it starts to go a bit flat…

See below for the use instructions of our keg top dispenser – it’s dead easy:


And if you’ve got a Dimple Dispenser instead, below are the use and care instructions:

The dimensions are:
Diameter 14.3cm
Height 28cm

Or in other words, the kegs are slightly wider and taller than a large carton of orange juice. And if they won’t fit in your regular fridge, it’s a great excuse to finally get that beer fridge you’ve always wanted…



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