Beat the heat with these Singapore beers

The Straits Times


Among the new entries to the beer scene is Lion Brewery Co., which was officially launched here by a team of expatriates in November last year.

Co-founder and Englishman Harry Renshaw, who started the brand with American-Indonesian Will Julius, says: “We first home-brewed 41/2 years ago in our kitchens because we were so sick of commercial beers on offer and we had such little choice.

“The only alternative was a very expensive craft beer, which was very often high in alcohol, and hoppy.”

So they set out to make a beer that was approachable to lager drinkers, “but also someone who wanted something different to indistinguishable commercial lagers”, he adds.

“We’re from the UK where we grew up on warm flat ale, so we wanted to create something refreshing, that had a lot of tropical, fruity, citrusy aromas, with not too much bitterness so that it’s not heavy and chewy.”

So far, they have launched two flagship beers – Straits Pale Ale in November 2018 and Island Lager last month (June).

“We brew naturally without any added chemicals and keep our beer unpasteurised, and the result is beer that is full of flavour without being too overpowering, like some craft beers can be, or over-carbonated like a lot of commercial beers,” says Mr Julius.

The beers are currently brewed at Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia because of the high cost of setting up a brewery here, but the team eventually hope to open a brewpub in Singapore.

They also have high hopes for the business. Mr Julius says: “We would really like to be one of the top five craft beer brands in Asia in the next five years.”

Lion Brewery Co.’s Straits Pale Ale and Island Lager are sold at a recommended retail price of $6 for a 330ml bottle, $29 for a six-pack and $108 for a case of 24 bottles via They are also available at over 60 bars and restaurants (including OverEasy and Timbre+), and craft beer retailers like Thirsty Craft Beer Shop. 




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